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Directional Control of Nanocars
Shirai, Y.; Osgood, A.; Zhao, Y.; Kelly, K; Tour, J.
A summary of the two methods of motion for the different structures showing that nanocar 1 consecutively pivots and then translates perpendicular to its axles, whereas trimer 2 pivots but does not translate on the surface.

Guillaume Vives, JungHo Kang, Kevin F. Kelly, James M. Tour
STM images (A-B) and models (C-D) of nanodragsters

Nanocar with Angled Chassis
Takashi Sasaki, Andrew J. Osgood, Lawrence B. Alemany, Kevin F. Kelly, James M. Tour
(A-C) Three models of possible conformations represented by material studios modeling. (D) STM image of 1 shown in A (bias voltage = -0.71 V, tunneling current = 7 pA). (E) Higher resolution view, same tunneling parameters.

CNT V junction measurement
Tae-Hwan Kim, John F Wendelken, An-Ping Li, Gaohui Du, Wenzhi Li
Transport measurements across a CNT V junction with Four Probe STM

Measuring resistance jumps across grain boundaries
Kim, T; Zhang, X. G.; Nicholson, D. M.; Boyd, E. M.; Kulkarni, N. S.; Radhakrishnan, B.; Kenik, E. A.
A schematic illustrating the sample structure and the resistance measurement procedure with probes P1, P2, and P4 fixed, and P3 moving along the nanowire.

Sierpinski Triangle Fractals
Jian Shang, Yongfeng Wang, Min Chen, Jingxin Dai, Xiong Zhou, Julian Kuttner, Gerhard Hilt, Xiang Shao, J. Michael Gottfried, Kai Wu
Representative STM images of the fractal assemblies prepared at a decreasing cooling rate within the assembling temperature window of 67–80 K

Topographic Image obtained using R9 controller
Anand Kamlapure, Garima Saraswat, Somesh Chandra Ganguli, Vivas Bagwe, Pratap Raychaudhuri, Subash P. Pai
(a) Atomically resolved topographic image of NbSe2 obtained in constant current mode; the charge density wave modulation is also visible. The tunneling current was set to 150 pA, the bias voltage to 20 mV, and the scan speed was 13...

NC-AFM image of crystallite on mica
Ostendorf, F., Schmitz, C., Hirth, S., Kühnle, A., Kolodziej, J., Reichling, M.
(c) Zoom onto the crystallite in constant height mode exhibiting the hexagonal shape (117 ± 5° angle) andmoiré surface structure.

NO-Induced Reorganization of Porphyrin Arrays
Buchner, F, Seufert, K, Auwärter, W, Heim, D, Barth, J.V., Fletcher, K, Gottfried, J.M., Steinrück, H, Marbach, H
(a) STM image of CoTPP on Ag(111) acquired after 5000 L NO exposure at RT with UBIAS =- 15mV, Iset = 50 pA at 7 K, unit cell area = 2.79 nm^2. Between the porphyrins and on the presumably free Ag surface, small protrusions are...

Third eigenmode negative frequency-shift contrast and drive amplitude contrast superimposed on topography
Gaurav Chawla, Santiago D. Solares
Third eigenmode negative frequency-shift contrast and drive amplitude contrast superimposed on topography for the two-component polymer sample used.